How to get paid with PayPal in WhatsApp

We have create a group where we are going to share with you how to get paid with Paypal in WhatsApp.

If you sell services, or you are a developer, or you trade goods, you need to secure payments. Paypal is a great option to get your money from your clients. Paypal is available everywhere and your customers will love to pay you with Paypal because is secure and they can trust the payment will reach you.

This is the group you need to join to get advice and help configuring your PayPal account.

Hello! I made this group for those who can’t know how to run PayPal account!
We are here to help you!
If you have any kind of problem just tell us! We’ll guide you!
We’ll help you to solve problem

How PayPal Works

With Paypal you can request or send money to your clients, service providers… Once you have setup the account you can create a public profile:

Once you request or send money, the other party will need to accept the transaction. Once is done, everyone will have the transaction in their dashboard. Paypal is very transparent and easy to use.

We think this is a great idea if you are working with companies or clients abroad.

Please join our group and we will help you and guide you setting up your account.

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