How WhatsApp groups can help you find the best destination for your holiday

What is a whatsapp group?

A WhatsApp group is a chat in which many people can interact at the same time, a total of 256 members. The first thing we should know is that there are two types of WhatsApp groups, private and public. Private WhatsApp groups are usually smaller groups in which you can only access by invitation of an administrator. on the contrary, the public WhatsApp groups have integrated a function so that more people can enter the group without having to be invited but through a link or a QR code.

How to create a whatsapp group?

To create the group you must do the following:

  • Open the WhatsApp app and in the Chats tab select Create group.
  • Select the members you want to add initially (at least you will have to add one, although you can expel it later if you want).
  • When you have selected all the members, tap Next in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Give the group a subject (a name).
  • Tap on the camera icon and assign a photo to the group (this step is optional).
  • Click Create in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Once this is done, the group will be created and ready to start receiving members through the link or QR code.

Create this group and ask your clients about their experiences, using your holidays offers and make some good refferenes of travelers/visitors going holidays like that.

How it can help you to find best destination?

  • Once you have your group and members, you start to share ideas about the places and destinations which are open to receive tourists during this summer.
  • Travel booking offices and agencies and travel websites can provide useful information for traveling within the country. Can send you the required actions you need to do before the start of your trip or some information about the prohibitions of the country or place you wanna spend on vacation.
  • Ask other members about their reviews regarding different countries updates and what restrictions they have, so you can choose the countries with less restriction to have more fun!
  • You can share ideas about hotels and get some suggestions and recommendations for the best hotels, then you can contact via our tool in order to know more about booking, restaurants, check in, check out and all other procedures and latest restrictions.
  • Share more ideas about Airline companies and which is the best choice and easiest for your destination. Ask about your flight time, book and get your boarding pass via whatsapp as some big Airline companies such as KLM launched their whatsapp service recently.

You can choose whatever destination you like

How to find on WhatsApp some great destinations for Holidays?

Can search on an travelling website and they could share travel options available for the dates you request via WhatsApp. Ask the travelling agencies to share with you the best offers and the most safe options for your next holidays, places, not so crowded monuments and sighseeings. With this way you always have these informations available on your mobile phone, in the WhatsApp chatting app without wasting time searching on email stacks to re-read them.

Borrow our tools and use our web-pages to find these customers.

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