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Bravo Motor (or UD Bravo Motor) was founded in1996as the cheapest Honda Surabaya car spare parts shop on Jalan Kedungdoro. Apart from genuine parts and KW super, Bravo Motor also offers several Aftermarket products and severalOEMs.Quality guaranteed!

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Most Reliable & Reliable

We as a center for auto parts Honda Surabaya, which hasexperiencedalways maintainthe transparency ofthe product (originality, new or used condition, etc.). Thus, there will be no sense of “cheated” appear in the minds of customers.

Bravo Motor continues to provide spare parts at thelowestprices to buyers in the Surabaya area and several other cities in East Java. We are very confident that the prices we provide are verycompetitivewhen compared to other sellers. As an expert inHonda Surabaya car spare parts, we highly respect the integrity and transparency of the quality of our goods.

Wise people buy auto parts at a trusted store and have a physical store (not just online)

Why Honda and nothing else?

Honda, both autos and other vehicles, is filled with high-level safety technology and luxurious designs. In addition, Honda cars have proven to be more fuel efficient than other automotive brands of this level. With these features, Honda is the choice of many people in Indonesia. In short, Honda cars can reach approximately 8 years of use.

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