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These are the record figures of Julio Iglesias, the most international Spanish artist
The singer has sold more than 300 million records and has more than 87 million streams on Spotify

The singer Julio Iglesias allegedly had about 20 offshore companies in the British Virgin Islands for 20 years with which he would have hidden money from the Treasury. This is revealed exclusively by the Pandona Papers, information from the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, in which El País and laSexta have participated.

After more than 50 years on stage, Iglesias is one of the most famous artists in the history of Latin and Spanish music. The singer, who celebrated his 78th birthday on September 23, has achieved record figures with his artistic career, only within the reach of a few.

Songs and albums that bring him closer to a fortune that could exceed 1,000 million euros and that place him at number 29 of the richest people in Spain.

300 million records sold

Thus, Iglesias has released more than 80 albums made in 14 languages, and has sold more than 300 million copies in the world and 26 million in Spain. Some stratospheric data that have made him one of the Latin performers who leads the music sales rankings, even entering the top ten worldwide.

This success has also been transformed into 2,600 gold and platinum records, recognitions of his career for which he has entered the Guinness World Records several times, as stated on his website.

Among the singer’s three best-selling titles worldwide, Hey! stands out, the album written entirely in Spanish and which has sold 13 million copies.

More than 5,000 concert

After more than two decades acting, performance data is expected to be high. However, the success achieved by the man from Madrid exceeds all limits. And it is that the singer has already offered more than 5,000 concerts in more than 600 cities around the world and has been seen by more than 60 million viewers.

Some performances that have only been paralyzed by the coronavirus pandemic and some have been attended by more than 100,000 people, such as in Chile or Brazil. A figure that very few artists can boast of.

87 million views on Spotity

On a digital level, Julio Iglesias also breaks records. On the streaming music platform Spotify, the artist has achieved, only in our country, 87 million views. He points out that where he accumulates the most listeners is the United States, followed by the United Kingdom, Germany, Mexico, Brazil, Canada, Australia, Sweden, Spain and the Netherlands.

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