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Three young people dance ‘Viva la vida x Swing’ in Tik Tok. Three young people dance ‘Viva la vida x Swing’ in Tik Tok.

THE GO HOUSE / TIK TOK Tik Tok is full of challenges, reactions and different choreographies that are trending, but sometimes what goes viral are the coincidences or anecdotes that are seen in the videos and that users sometimes have not even noticed. This is the case of the dance published by three young people from Dublin (Ireland) and that, far from attracting attention for its rhythm, accumulates 16.5 million visits for what appears in the background. Andrea Camila, Shauna Davitt and Lauren Whelan are the three girls in the video, who are part of The Go House, a project in which 10 influencers live together in the same house. As can be seen in the publication, the three of them leave a house to what appears to be an interior patio, but they are not aware of what is happening in the bedroom in the background.

While Viva la vida X Swing, a remix by Coldplay and Savage, is playing, the three of them begin to move in a circle, shaking their heads to the rhythm of the music. The camera keeps rotating them in time with them, allowing the windows in the background to be seen.

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