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Texas-based prosperity preacher Kenneth Copeland of Kenneth Copeland Ministries, who according to some reports has a net worth of more than $ 300 million, recently declared himself a “very rich man,” but said his wealth does not come from just the offerings of his supporters.

“I am a very rich man,” Copeland told “Inside Edition” reporter Lisa Guerrero, who questioned him about his lavish lifestyle and his refusal to travel on commercial planes because he doesn’t want to deal with the ” demons”.

“My wealth doesn’t just come from sales,” he said, admitting that he sold things like books and DVDs.

He then introduced a source of income that was not widely known.

“I have a lot of natural gas on our property. “I didn’t know that, baby,” he told the reporter. “Is not it wonderful?”

He also pointed out that he has not been keeping all of his wealth for himself. Last year alone, he said, his ministry invested about $ 20 to $ 25 million in the poor.

“I can’t do that while bankrupt,” said Copeland, who also boasted that his ministry has “brought more than 122 million people to the Lord Jesus Christ” thanks to his wealth.

“It takes a lot of money to do what we do. “We have brought more than 122 million people to the Lord Jesus Christ,” he said.

Just over a year ago, Copeland’s ministry made headlines when they announced the acquisition of a “debt-free” Gulfstream V jet that hit the market with a price tag of $ 36 million in 1998.

At the time, it was unclear how much Copeland’s ministry was paying for the plane that some suppliers were selling for a minimum of just under $ 6 million.

While defending his use of private jets, Copeland revealed that he now owns three and bought the latest acquisition from him from media mogul Tyler Perry at a price he couldn’t refuse.

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