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Play slots in Singapore with one of the biggest companies in this country.

Koin55 is one of leading groups for slots machines in Singapore.

Basic operation for Koin55 Slots Machines

The operation of slot machines has hardly changed since its popularity spread in 1890 with the appearance of the Liberty Bell, the first proper slot machine. Since then, these machines have evolved a lot, going from being mechanical to working with electronic-mechanical, electronic or exclusively digital mechanisms.

Probably, the electronic or computerized format, whose best exponent is embodied by bar slots, is the ideal one to explain how slot machines work. Why? Because through them it is easier to understand the primitive functioning of the mechanics and the functioning of the current ones, whether electrical or virtual.

But let’s get to the point. The slot machines have three or more reels that each have a number of figures (20 in the mechanical ones and more than 200 in the virtual ones) printed. The slot machine is activated by pulling a lever or pressing a button that spins the reels arranged in parallel and turning on themselves. Whether or not you win depends on whether or not the combination of figures lined up horizontally is awarded when the reels stop. It’s that simple.

Koin55 video slot machines

The rollers, whether physical or on a video screen, are integrated into a metal casing whose dimensions are generally at least 1800 cm high, 600 cm wide and 70 cm deep. In the upper part, the prize table is usually indicated and, in the center, the panel of the reels accompanied by the slot to insert the coins, a panel that indicates the credit available to play and another that indicates the winnings obtained. At that same height, on the right side, there is usually the lever or button that turns the rollers.

In the lower part of the casing, at waist height, there are a series of buttons to adjust our bet level with the number of prize lines we want to play with. Immediately below, there is a tray that collects the coins of the prize obtained.

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