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English test with answers – Can you hear what he is…. ?

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English test with answers – She Hasn’t come home…

Go and test your skills here https://polls.chatwith.io/p/9877

English test with answers – “I …. TV Yesterday evening?”

1. saw
2. looked
3. viewed
4. watched

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More examples to test yourself

In this part, there are ten texts and 40 multiple choice questions.You are going to read some reading passages, each with 2-5 questions. For each question, choose the answer which you think fits best according to the text.

Are you setting up a small business? Worried about the costs of renting office space and employing the right people?
Rebus Virtual Office Worldcan help you. With ourBasic Office Deal, we can set up a virtual office for you practically overnight.
We will give your business a professional image and our polite, friendly staff will handle your calls and present your business in the best possible way. We can provide you with: a professional business address, a local phone number and we will also handle mail.
For a more personal approach, with the option of forwarding mail and messages to your home address, don’t hesitate to ask us about our

Premier Office Deals.

1 Where is the text from?

  • A message from a business to a current client
  • An advertisement for a new business service
  • An email from one business worker to another
  • A newspaper article about a new business’s success

2 What does the service provide?

  • Off-site staff to perform general office duties
  • A site where several businesses can locate their offices
  • Advice on how to make your business more professional
  • Temporary staff for local businesses

3 Which of the following is not included in the Basic Office deal?

  • A polite receptionist
  • A mail-forwarding service
  • A professional address
  • A telephone-answering service

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