Liverpool – Real Madrid – Champions League Final 2022

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When: 28 of may 2022

Where: Stade de France in Saint-Denis

The 2021/22 Champions League season continues. Initially, the final of Europe’s biggest club competition was scheduled to be held at the Krestovski Stadium in Saint Petersburg. However, due to the war between Russia and Ukraine, UEFA decided that it will finally be the Stade de France in Saint-Denis that hosts this soccer event. Liverpool beat Villarreal to become the competition’s first runner-up, while Madrid beat City in their signature competition.

Who has won more Champions League; Liverpool or Real Madrid?

To answer this question, it is enough to point out that Real Madrid is the most successful team in the history of the Champions League with 13 championships won, compared to the three that the English team has won.

How many Champions League finals has Real Madrid played?

This will be the 17th Champions League final in the history of Real Madrid, seeking to extend its legacy in the most important club tournament on the planet.

How many Champions League finals have Liverpool played?

For the British team, this 2022 will be the tenth time that La Orejona has been played, being the fourth team with the most finals in this competition.

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