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Lupin is a Netflix series inspired by the adventures of Arsène Lupin. The thief Assane Diop decides to avenge his father’s death who killed himself in prison after being accused of robbing a wealthy family which he worked for.

Omar Sy from the Intouchables plays the protagonist Assane Diop, who in the first episode tries to steal the necklace that was supposedly stolen by his father 25 years ago in order to repair a debt that he owed. After this Assane starts questioning whether his father was really guilty and he embarks on a mission to prove his innocence. During this mission Assane demonstrates his ability in many fun and incredible ways while also managing his life as a father. During the first season he manages to find out that it was the father of the wealthy family Hubert Pellegrinni who put the blame on Assane´s father by threatening the inspector of the 25 year old case family so that he would convince the mother Anne to make Assane father to sign the confession. He manages to do this with the help of an ex journalist. However Hubbert hires an ex-convict Leonard and kills the journalist and pursues Assane. The season ends with Leonard kidnapping Assane´s son.

The second season picks up with Assane trying to find his son, and thanks to the help of Yousef, they find him in an abandoned house, however Assane discovers that Youssef is a detective so he leaves him. As he enters the house, he discovers that it is a trap and he fights with Leonard who sets fire to a car with Assane’s son supposedly in. Although we later know that Youssef rescued him and he has him at a hotel where he would reunite with his father. Surprisingly this was another set up by Huber Pellegrini and the police are waiting for Assane. However he manages to escape with his son. After this Assane decides to take down Hubert once and for all. They manage to do this thanks to Youssef who finds a tape of the inspector of Assane´s father´s case admitting he framed Assane´s father. Thanks to this, Hubert admitted framing him in order to get the insurance money from the necklace and he ended up in prison.

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