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Trevor Slattery

One of the most controversial decisions of the UCM was none other than hesitating the public by giving an anticlimactic The Mandarin. He is the famous archenemy of Iron Man and the saga was built around the expected confrontation. While it is true that he is a character very much a product of his time and needed a reinvention, the version played by Ben Kingsley was a jug of cold water.

Beyond that, he did redeem himself in his recent return in Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. He is an experienced actor and manages to give a character a lot of entity that, without him, would be much more pathetic. That movie gave him his little space of dignity in the MCU.

Daniel Sousa

Agent Carter’s creation came from the minds that gave the Captain America trilogy. If there is something that is more or less canon within the MCU of the entire era of Marvel TV (sorry Daredevil), it is surely this series set in the days after World War II.

The Adventures of Peggy Carter chronicles the creation of S.H.I.E.L.D., but she also had her time developing supporting characters like Howard Stark. They also introduced a Jarvis who was later rescued in Endgame. But surely the most interesting character has been the love interest of the protagonist. A humble, honest but adventurous agent, despite his physical problems. Everyone would want a Daniel Sousa on his team.

Senator Stern

A case similar to that of Ellis. This senator is called Stern by the author Roger Stern, the legendary screenwriter of one of the best stages of The Avengers. He was a guy who asked Iron Man to hand over all of his technology to the government, since it could be potentially dangerous in private hands. Obviously, it backfired on him. And, later, it was discovered that he was a member of Hydra.

Corrupt politicians? Nothing special. Except this one was played by Garry Shandling, one of America’s most respected comedians. He didn’t make much joke during his appearances, but his input will always be appreciated. The world still mourns his loss…

Phil Coulson

First place could not go to anyone other than Coulson. And it is that he is a character of capital importance for the UCM during the first phase of the UCM. From becoming one more character in a suit to being the reason why The Avengers decide to face threats together. How is it possible?

Well, because of the heart that Clark Gregg put into the character. He went from cute to ironic with amazing ease. He barely endeared himself to the fans to such an extent that they gave him his own spin-off in which he was the leader of his own team. His last appearance is in Captain Marvel, which, it should be remembered, was set in the nineties. But is he still dead as far as Feige is concerned? Time will tell, but unfortunately everything seems to indicate that it is.

Bonus track: J.A.R.V.I.S.

Good old Jarvis exists in the comics in a version similar to the one mentioned above. But the MCU introduced an AI interface for Tony Stark that deserves a separate mention. With the voice of Paul Bettany, he managed to make that intangible being have more and more weight until he became Vision. And the rest is history.

Notably, Jennifer Connelly, who is married to Bettany, did the same with Spider-Man’s smart suit in one of the best scenes in Spider-Man: Homecoming. And it’s a real shame that her presence was left at that.

The best thing the MCU can do is give more new characters. That helps it have its own identity and feel like a world that, however beholden to the comics, will always work on its own terms. And it is that Marvel Studios is its own brand.

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