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The term “MILSIM”, grammatically speaking, comes from the fusion of the acronyms of two English-speaking terms, “Military and Simulation”. Undoubtedly, the meaning of the acronyms acquires a concrete meaning, transferred to common language.

The acronym “MILSIM” derived from the two words enunciated come to mean “Military Simulation”, and this term is applicable to many activities related to the recreational-sports activity of Airsoft.

Obviously, the meaning of “MILSIM” that affects Airsoft, is the one that bases a specific discipline of this recreational-sporting activity, and that we can frame within the so-called Tactical Airsoft.

Therefore, the term “MILSIM” applied to Airsoft brings us closer to an analogous circumstance, the “Simulation”. In Airsoft, obviously, everything is simulation, from the markers
to the activities and games, going through most of the complementary materials that are normally used.

Rescued this analogy derived from the term “Simulation”, between Airsoft and the meaning of the word “MILSIM”, it is not difficult to venture that, like other activities of a sporting nature, the concept of ” Military Simulation ”is fully adaptable to Airsoft. And for this reason, many of the activities derived from the discipline of Tactical Airsoft implicitly carry military simulation activities, always understood from the game, as one more recreational activity, within the framework and possibilities that Airsoft offers us.

It is easy to understand that any simulation activity that has a specific dose of motivation, a correct normalization and regularization and, above all, a correct development of activities, provoke in their participants a special state of satisfaction, fun and, above all, respect. The player’s own will, his evolution within the activity, his physical and psychological preparation, knowledge of rules and regulations, and many other issues that will be addressed later, are what give meaning to a simulation activity within Airsoft.

Obviously, Airsoft takes us by the hand to the field of military simulation from the moment in which the vast majority of players use markers that imitate weapons of war real, they wear military equipment and uniforms and use complementary elements that are of the same nature. Therefore, Airsoft allows us a very concrete approach to this simulation concept, without a doubt. But, as in all human activity, the ideal of reasoning and resolution, the feelings, and the passion of the players themselves, are what mark the beginning and the end of all things.

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