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A month and 13 days separate us from Minecraft Live 2021, the reformulation of the classic MineCon in these times of pandemic. It will arrive, like last year, in the month of October (although a few days later, 2020 took place on October 3), more specifically on Saturday 16 and, like last year, the event will be broadcast on direct to everyone through various platforms, mainly YouTube and Twitch.

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And what can we expect from Minecraft Live 2021?

Mojang is a fairly skilled company when it comes to preserving their private affairs, so to this day there are no reliable rumors that can put us on the track of what they will tell us at the event. In addition, we are in a somewhat atypical year, since the need to divide Caves & Cliffs Update into two installments means that we already know what the immediate future of Minecraft is.

And you will surely remember that last year the absolute protagonism of the event was for the announcement of Minecraft 1.17, which in principle would include all the news of the caves and mountains update. If the original calendar had been fulfilled, a few months ago we would be enjoying all the news announced last year in 1.17 and, consequently, Minecraft Live 2021 would surely be the announcement of Minecraft 1.18 for half of next year.

Now, however, we know what Minecraft 1.18 will include, we are knowing its evolution thanks to the constant snapshots published weekly, and although not dated, but we do know that (except for surprise) it will arrive shortly before Christmas. So, and in the absence of reliable leaks and, of course, announcements by the company, what can we expect from Minecraft Live 2021?

The first thing we might think of is a date, right? A date for the release of Minecraft 1.18. However, and I’m sorry to be a party pooper, I highly doubt this will happen in Minecraft Live 2021. As a general rule, Mojang only provides a specific date for the release of a new version until it is polished. They don’t commit to dates, they allow development to run its course, and when everything is ready, they make the announcement of the date.


Minecraft mob vote 2021

  1. Glare
  2. Allay
  3. Copper Golem

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