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What is Money Heist

In the aftermath of a failed bank robbery by a woman named “Tokyo,” a man called “the Professor” saves her from being caught by the police and proposes a heist of drastic proportions. After a brief outline of the planned heist, the Professor artfully guides a group of robbers: Tokyo, Rio, Berlin, Nairobi, Denver, Moscow, Oslo, and Helsinki to invade the Royal Mint of Spain in red jumpsuits and Salvador Dalí masks and take hold of 67 hostages, as part of their plan to print and escape with €2.4 billion. The police investigator Raquel Murillo is put in charge of the case, but she is unaware that the mastermind behind the heist is closer than she could ever have imagined.

How many seasons are out there

4 seasons are out.

First season has 13 episodes.

You can watch some free episodes here.

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