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How to turn WhatsApp conversations into books

It is a possibility: turning an interesting conversation that we have had with another person or with a group on WhatsApp into a book. For this we have to resort to Zapptales, an application designed to create a digital or printed book from a conversation.

Those responsible for the Zapptales platform present us with the tool as a unique gift or a memory that will last forever. And it’s not just the conversion of WhatsApp chats, it’s also valid for Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Telegram, iMessages or Threema.

How to transfer WhatsApp data between Android and iPhone

We are referring to an application, iTransor for WhatsApp, valid for computers, which is used to transfer data between mobile phones. It is a very complete and easy-to-use tool. Just connect the two devices to start the transfer.

WhatsApp and infidelity

We do not want to insist on the subject, but for many people without WhatsApp there is no life. Some will say that my statement does not make sense, but I do not turn back, I maintain it. The use of the application can bring with it, especially in young and not so young, problems of infidelity.

We focus on the article we referenced, in which, according to studies carried out in Italy, WhatsApp is to blame for about half of the separations and divorces that occur in the country. Does the same thing happen in other places?


It is clear that we cannot ignore everything that WhatsApp implies, both positive and negative. Although there are other applications with similar characteristics, none reaches the level of use of this one, despite the changes, some negative, that it has undergone in its evolution.

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