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NBA TOP SHOT is a basketball centered website created by Dapper Labs and a partnership with the NBA. This website helps you purchase different NBA ¨moments¨ for either your collection or to then sell it again and make real money.

The company Dapper Labs whose CEO is Roham Gharegozlou who started this card trading in February of 2018 has now raised 305 million dollars from several investors such as Michael Jordan and Kevin Durant and it is now valued at 2.6 billion$.

This company created the marketplace for the Top Shot non-fungible tokens.

They are the prime example of how the Internet has made this time the easiest to start a business. Moreover this company has a very important feeling in their favor. Nostalgia, because who wouldn’t want to capture Lebron´s dunks or Stephen Curry’s threes…These moments are eternal and who knows the value they will have in the future. And since they are tied to cryptocurrencies, the value will only increase in the future.

This is a very good chance for people to make a lot of money because for every sale, NBA top shot only takes five percent, which means that if you sell a moment for 1,000$ you make 950$ in profits. The moments are divided into three categories, common, rare and legendary. The common cards are usually the cheapest but it all depends on the buyer and how you negotiate. But to paint the picture, the NBA top shot has made 230 million dollars from gross sales alone, which means that 4.6 billion dollars have been sold from NBA moments.

To sum up, NBA top shots is an incredible company that has managed to create from the feeling of nostalgia a business that has skyrocketed in only 2 years and a half from a crypto gaming start up to the best website to trade NBA cards in moments.

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