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Since the Internet has become in every corner of the planet and the possibility of using the services offered through the network of networks from any device that has the possibility of connecting has been generated, without a doubt the customs of the People have changed drastically.

This is what we can see happening with access to audiovisual content, since the old custom of renting movies at places like Blockbuster has been completely and completely displaced by streaming services over the Internet.

Movies In Netflix

In this way, today we can choose which movie or which series to watch without leaving our house and by simply pressing a couple of buttons on almost any device connected to the Internet, and it is precisely due to the success that these types of services have had that each time There are more companies that offer this alternative.

Such is the case of Netflix, one of the leading services of its kind, through which we can access thousands and thousands of movies, series, documentaries, concerts and others by contracting a subscription whose value is really not that significant, especially if We are lovers of cinema and television.

Streaming in Netflix

The success of Netflix has not only completely displaced video rental stores, of which there are surely very few left in the city in which we live, but it has also caused a crisis in cable television systems, due to because more and more people in the world choose to use internet streaming services.

But Netflix is ​​not only that, but it also gives us the possibility of watching exclusive content, that is, produced by the company, as is the case with the popular series “House of Cards”, “Stranger Things”, “Dark” and others.

Video cable and satellite television

For those who think about the possibility of replacing video cable and satellite television, Netflix is ​​a more than interesting alternative, especially for those who do not usually spend part of their time watching soap operas or football matches.

In this sense, a combination of TDA (Open Digital Television) and Netflix would be ideal for many, since in addition to having the possibility of enjoying free-to-air television programming (only in certain areas) through TDA, becoming Netflix users will be able to have a video club open 24 hours exclusively for them and with a really extensive catalog and for all tastes.

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