Official Covid WhatsApp Helpline – India 2021

Welcome to the official WhatsApp account of India Covid Resources. You can enquire about beds, oxygen, medicines, plasma, vaccination, and more things related to Covid-19.


CLICK HERE > Contact with the Link to WhatsApp

We have launched a Whatsapp helpline to help people with finding the right COVID resources.

Our volunteers will be actively available 24×7 to help. Please RT and help spread the word to people that may need it

We are creating a resources page that will serve as the main source of information for our volunteers. If you know of any website/database with regularly verified leads, please add a comment and we will add it as a resource after vetting it

Please select your requirement from the options below so that we can direct you to the volunteer that can help you most:

1 Ambulances
2 Oxygen
3 Beds
4 Blood banks
5 Helplines
6 Medicines
7 Plasma
8 ConsultationFood
9 Mental Health
10 Vaccine
11 Regional PoCs
12 Something else

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