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First: Try to understand a woman

This task can be quite difficult since, in the end, each person is different. However, there are some guidelines within female thinking that will help you get closer to the girl who has caught your attention. Therefore, if you want that person to notice you as well, you must take these aspects into account to be successful in your first impression:

In general, women, even if they do not want a long-term relationship or commit to someone, are not interested in those men who only look to her for a night of s*x. Even if they’re looking for something casual, treating her like a s*x object won’t help you flirt with an unfamiliar girl.

Nor are they attracted to the typical guy who is “macho” or who looks too arrogant. If you try to get close like this, not only will you not be able to seduce her, but you will surely get a very negative response.
Finally, it is important that if you manage to have a first conversation, they feel heard and notice that you are a sensitive person. In this way, she will feel more comfortable with you and you will probably attract her because of your personality.

Try To Understand A Woman

Practice your first conversation before approaching her

If you are at an event or a pub having a drink and have seen a woman that interests you, it is recommended that you take a few minutes in front of the bathroom mirror of the place to think about how you are going to approach her and get to have a first conversation. To do this, you can follow these tips:

Look for the right moment: if she is at the bar of the pub you can buy her a drink or, for example, if you are in a library you can ask her if she knows where to find a certain book.

Be polite: it is more advisable that during the conversation do not say bad words, since she will move away from you.

Treat her with respect: avoid making your first words comment about her body or her physique. Look at how she is dressed and if, for example, she wears the logo of a series or a musical group on her shirt, you can ask her if she is a fan of hers.

If she feels uncomfortable, stop: If you see that she has no interest in having a conversation with you or she feels uncomfortable, you better let him be.

Practice Your First Conversation Before Getting Close To Her Act safely

Women are always more interested in a man who is self-confident and who seems to have no doubts about himself. It is important that when you flirt with a girl without knowing her, you approach without showing any kind of doubt, as if you knew exactly what you are doing. On the other hand, if you allow yourself to be carried away by bad experiences from the past or you are hesitant, the most likely thing is that that person will reject you.

Don’t let your nerves make you miss an opportunity to meet someone. You must ask yourself “what can I lose if she rejects me?” The answer is nothing. However, if you allow yourself to be carried away by your fears, you will be losing knowing that girl you like or another person on another occasion.

Have an interesting conversation in the WhatsApp Group

You have already managed to get close to her and show her interest in spending time with you. Now, if you want to get a flirt with that woman, you should try to make the conversation fun and interesting. Also, the more interest and curiosity you feel about her, the more comfortable she will be with you.

Try to talk about her, about her hobbies, her interests, if she likes going to the movies, if she goes to the gym often. This will be the best way for you to find a common theme so that the talk will last longer. You should also try that, when she asks you something, you do not answer briefly, but try to tell her anecdotes and interesting facts or something funny about yourself.

Have An Interesting Conversation

Be mindful of body language

Many times our body and movements say more than our words. Therefore, it is important that you watch your body language and observe that of the girl you want to flirt with. It is likely that, if you know how to interpret it, you can intuit if she has any interest in you, or on the contrary, she wants to stop talking to you. See if he meets any of these guidelines about body language:

If he keeps eye contact with you. When a girl looks at you quite often and also does not take her eyes off her, it is surely because she is attracted to you and is sure that she wants to start a conversation with you.

Another gesture that indicates interest is if she smiles at you quite often.

She is also likely to like you, if she is attentive to the conversation. On the contrary, if she is easily distracted it is because she wants to end this talk.

Other body gestures such as not crossing your legs or arms, are telling you that she is attentive to what you say, since crossing them is usually a sign of disinterest,

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