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Pallet characteristics

For this reason, and taking into account that in this article we will base ourselves on wooden pallets, the characteristics that represent a good pallet are:

  • It is a carpentry work, provided with strong and resistant wood.
  • Your wooden design should be stable enough, with a good nail cap, to hold it together. Can you imagine what would happen if a pallet loses resistance and the merchandise falls to one side?
  • Its weight can be between 18 and 30 kilos, which is considerably light considering the weight of the merchandise that it can support.
  • Said weight can be greater than 1,200 kilos, that is, more than a ton (as long as the material to be transported is properly distributed).
  • There are different types of pallet. The European pallet, which measures 120 x 80 centimeters, and the industrial pallet, which measures 120 x 100 centimeters. The above are the most recognized, although there are others of smaller size, achieving measurements such as 100 x 80 centimeters, 100 x 60 centimeters and 80 x 60 centimeters.
  • It is estimated that the useful life of a pallet is between 6 and 10 times of use, both for national and international transport, since its resistance begins to lose quality to the point that one more load will make the nails give way. , thus disrupting their entire unit. To understand the reason for wear and tear, it should be noted that it occurs mainly when merchandise is transported by truck and train, rather than in trailers that sail the seas, since, unlike the first method, when they are on board of a ship receive fewer vibrations.
  • Worldwide, there are many units that are manufactured for the transport of merchandise, so much so that, for a country like Spain, which is not a relatively large nation like the United States or Russia, for the year 2011 an approximate figure of 24,000,000 million units.

Do you want to start a company but do not know in which specific sector to work?

Would you like to have a business that could give you a net profit of at least 100 euros per day? Isn’t it fascinating that the main product in your market is totally free? Would you dare to be a person dedicated to recycling as a professional? Would you accept the challenge of having a business that, in addition to providing you with monetary gains, would serve you to have the personal satisfaction of helping in the health of the planet? What kind of business could that be, you ask? Simple: recycling pallets.

What is a pallet and what are its origins?

Before you learn about how to start making money with this type of business, nothing better than describing what a pallet represents in the commercial industry. Pallets are those wooden frames (although they can also be made of plastic or metal) that are used to transport merchandise in the large trailers that sail aboard a ship through the oceans, although they are also used in trucks and trains. Its design is given so that, once the merchandise is deposited on that small platform, which generally measures around 120 x 80 centimeters, a forklift truck can either drag them or stick their thin forks underneath and then lift the load and deposit them in the appropriate place.

The first use of pallets dates back to World War II, when supplies were sent to troops of American soldiers. Do you remember one of those American movies where cargoes fell into fields while their weight was held by green parachutes? Precisely to guarantee that the shipped supplies arrived safe and sound, the load was placed on the pallet, thus allowing the weight to travel in excellent condition.

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