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Pistachio is one of the most expensive nuts. The general price per kilo of pistachios as of December 16, 2021 is 7.25 euros per kilo. Which implies a general increase of approximately 1.25 euros. However, these prices change depending on the variety.

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1 Prices in different supermarkets
2 Pistachio Suppliers
3 types of pistachios
4 More information about pistachios
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Prices in different supermarkets in Spain
Mercadona 12 euros per kilo.
Alcampo 16.63 euros per kilo.
Carrefour 12 euros per kilo.
Day 11.96 euros per kilo

Pistachio suppliers

Montreal Exports
Ribera Del Violin, 12.6N, Granada (City) – Granada

Contact WhatsApp: 669 56 89 39

This is a company from Granada that produces almonds, pistachios and cashews. They mainly export to countries around the world such as the USA, Germany, Turkey, China, etc. They have a first class logistics service and delivery times adjusted to the requirements of our customers. They are also made up of a commercial team with extensive experience in the sector.

EcoLumber Group
Calle Bruc 144 main first 08037 Barcelona, ​​Spain
635 06 49 52
EcoLumber is a nut producer that was born almost 20 years ago. At first they were dedicated to the cultivation of walnut wood, however in 2015 they expanded their production to nuts. They have six farms located in Huesca and Tarragona. This group markets 4 own brands called Air Nuts, 7 Daily Nuts, DLU Nature and Sensafruit.

Fruits Javier Cuevas
Polígono Pagusa Calle Labrador 47 41007 Seville Spain
615 187 204

Frutas Cuevas has been a producer of multiple products such as nuts for 25 years in the city of Seville and its surroundings. They are a company focused on the quality of its products and the close relationship with its customers. Apart from nuts, they sell fruits, vegetables, cheeses and aromatic herbs.

Types of pistachios

Pistachio varieties are normally classified according to their place of origin or cultivation, and each country has its own selections, the main differences of which are color, flavor, size, harvest time and qualities. The varieties that we can find are:

They are a great size and of good quality. Selected in Iran, it was introduced in the USA and is also grown in Spain (in Castilla-La Mancha) where the fruits ripen during the first fortnight of September.

It is used as a male cultivar with Kerman, as it has good pollen production and partly coincides with the flowering period. Selected in California.

Elongated fruit, medium size, greenish yellow in color and of good taste quality. He was selected in Tunisia and gives good results in Spain. In Castilla-La Mancha, it ripens at the end of August.

More information on pistachios

The pistachio is the dried fruit with the most potassium as well as being very rich in fiber. It is very nutritious and energetic. It is obtained from the tree called alfoncigo, which is deciduous, between 6 and 10 meters high. The almond is elongated, slightly triangular, about 2-3cm long, tender, oily and pale green or yellow. It contains quite a bit of fat, between 30.5 and 51.6g per 100g of fresh edible weight.

The main pistachio producers in Spain are found in Castilla La Mancha with 80% of the production area nationwide. Worldwide, Spain is the seventh country with the most production in the world.
Worldwide, the most famous pistachio is that of Iran, followed by that of the United States (specifically California). Worldwide, the countries that import the most pistachios are China, Europe and India.

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