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The ultimate warrior

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Unforgettable phrases and reflections of Rafa Nadal
We all know the sports aspects of this great tennis player, but his private life has always been a mystery to many of us. Would you like to know a little more about his way of being and his principles?

In the 80 best phrases of Rafa Nadal that you will find below you will be able to learn a little more about this great figure of international sport.

  1. Nobody remembers the victories, only the defeats.
    The media and the fans can be very cruel when luck is not on our side.
  2. My worst rival is the next.
    We must face each rival one by one and giving our best in each situation.
  3. To see what can be improved, what has been done well and badly, one must have the necessary attitude and a cool head, and be open to analyze things and seek solutions.
    In tennis, the technical aspects can decide each game by tilting the balance to one side or the other.
  4. I’m only twenty-five years old and it seems like I’ve been playing for a hundred.
    When we compete at the highest level, the physical and mental demands are extremely high.
  5. And that’s what I need, to play. I need to compete.
    Competitive sport is a lifestyle that Rafa Nadal knows very well.
  6. After so long without competing, being here is truly more than a dream.
    When you recover from an injury, all you want is to get back in the limelight.
  7. Achieving what you have dreamed of makes you happy, but above all, it makes you happy to remember the effort used to achieve it.
    Reaching our goals is something we all dream of, including Rafa Nadal.
  8. Losing three finals in a row is a psychological blow, of course it is, let’s not fool ourselves, but in life and in a career there are high and low moments.
    Rafa Nadal knows very well that he will not be able to always be at one hundred percent of his physical and mental capacity.
  9. All of us who play sports know that we go out to win or lose. You have to accept both.
    Anything can happen when we compete against the best in the world in any discipline.
  10. Attitude is fundamental in life.
    The attitude we show towards life can take us very far.

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