Whatsapp is famous as a messaging app. But nowadays people are looking for a call recording feature. WhatsApp lacks this feature so people start looking for other option to record the whatsapp call. People started downloading different app or screen recorders that help them to record the call and to save it .

More than 1.5 Million people are using whatsapp. This app helps lot of people to communicate, chat, video or voice calls to friends and family members. Whatsapp has also updated the app named as business WhatsApp. Now, this can be also used as a business communication platform, business holders can communicate with their clients or other users using business whatsapp.

Whatsapp also gives an opportunity to do video call with HD quality .you can also make a conference call in which you can call more than one person. you have to download different apps to record whatsapp video calls as whatsapp itself lack this feature.

Need of call recording:

Whatsapp call recording has become very useful nowadays. Let’s just suppose that you want to get the information back you have discussed in your video call. Once your call is to end you can get the information back. To avoid this unpleasant problem new apps are launched that can help people to save their information.
It can also be used to keep proofs of someone. Let’s just imagine you need to prove something and the only proof you have is your video call. The video call recording can make you prove yourself innocent and the recording will work as your protectives.
Everything has different aspects they can be positive or negative, you have to choose the right one whether it’s positive or negative.
Well! For me it’s an amazing thing to keep your memories to have your information back, to have the notes or any key point you discussed in a video chat.

How To Record Whatsapp Video Call On Android

Is it possible to record WhatsApp calls?

Nowadays almost every messaging app is now having a feature of audio and video call but still at this time no messaging app has to introduce recordings of calls. Well! Voice call recording was being done by the sim service. But now we are present in 21 century where everything has become so vast and technology-based, we are living in an era of the internet.
Everything can happen at this time. Video call recording is not an issue now .you can record it in many ways, you can download different apps for this we will also discuss how you can record your whatsapp call.

There are some apps discussed below for you to make it easier to record your important calls.

Real recording of calls:

A real recording app is known as the most commonly used app which is known to every person who wants to record his/her call. This app can be used to record a call from different platforms like messenger, Skype, Viber and other more. In short, all online incoming or outgoing calls can be recorded in this app. It automatically records your calls if you have installed it in your android. The recorded call goes to your SD card in the mp3 audio format. You can also play all the recordings using a pc or laptop. The recordings can also be shared with others having any platform.


A messenger call recorder is another app that can help you in recording your call an also make it easier for you to keep it safe. For having this you have to download the messenger video call recorder app.

First! You have to download this app on your android then install it. After installing it you have been giving an opportunity to on the call recordings option .activate the option when you activate the option you will switch to the settings. In settings, you can choose the accessibility you want to have in your android. After doing all this app will start working in your background and will save all the information.


You can record WhatsApp video call by downloading a screen recorder, a few steps can give you information on how you can download a screen recorder and how you can record your video call.

Open the Google Play Store Real Call app and select WhatsApp to allow recording. If you want to enable another messenger’s feature, also enable it or you pick the phone, it will automatically record all incoming and outgoing calls. In the app’s recording tab, you can search the files.

First, download and install your phone with Screen Recorder. You will be asked by Screen Recorder to issue a number of permissions. It’s not a big deal, just give it a chance.

Steps how you can record video call:

First make a call to the person whose call you want to record .come back on your main screen open up the app and click on the camera icon you will get four option choose a video recording one .it will ask you for options just simply allow the app to record the call so that you can record your whatsapp call with great ease and can save it in your mobile memory or in the app as well.

You can also view your recorded video calls on your PC by using an app name apower Mirror.

Video Call Recorder App For PC


ApowerMirror Record WhatsApp Video Calls. To mirror Android to PC it is commonly used. Its recording: function is one of its prominent features. You can use the recorder to record your computer’s mobile screen.

This WhatsApp video recording on your PC is easy to use. Download the application and install it on your Windows computer. Connect your Android under the same WiFi network with your PC.


Whatsapp is most widely used app in the world you can do voice call as well as video call .earlier there was no facility to record video call now there are many app that can help you to record video calls coming from your friends and family. And can make your life easier with the call recording you can record your calls in a very simple and easy way .


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