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In 1985 he was the co-founder of an international education company, operating in seven countries, on business and investment, advising thousands of graduates.

Retired at 47 years of age, young and millionaire, Robert T. Kiyosaki currently invests in the real estate world and offers lectures to bankers, investors, businessmen and the general public.

About the book: “Rich Dad Poor Dad” written together with Sharon Lector has been a worldwide phenomenon with more than 20 million copies sold, translated into 40 languages ​​and available in more than 80 countries. There he talks about money, wealth and success, rewards that, in this world full of contradictions, the vast majority still seek.

Book Summary:
The protagonist of the book presents the story of his life in which he had two parents, one rich and one poor. One, he was very intelligent and highly educated; he had obtained a doctorate and completed four years of graduate work in approximately two years.

He then attended Stanford, Chicago, and Northwestern Universities for advanced studies on a full scholarship.

The other parent never completed the eighth grade. Both men were successful in their careers, and they worked hard throughout their lives. They both earned income substantial; But one of them struggled financially for life. The other, would become one of the richest men in Hawaii. One passed away leaving tens of millions of dollars to his family, church, and charities. The other one left debts to pay.

Both men were strong, charismatic and influential. And they both offered me their advice, but they didn’t advise me the same things. They both firmly believed in education, but they did not recommend the same path of study. “
Thus begins Robert Kiyosaki, the narration of this best seller, in which he shares with us the lessons he learned from his “rich dad”, the man who would become his mentor when – at the age of 9 – he had the concern of learn the process of earning money. Being just a boy, he had the opportunity to begin learning concepts that would later make him an immensely wealthy man.
Through frequent comparisons between the different ways of thinking of his rich dad and his poor dad, Robert explores the mind-sets that tend to sustain a woman.
a person educated in poverty, and who instead can lead an uneducated person to wealth.

Robert’s concern is to supplement the poor school training in finance.
As he puts it: The main reason why people struggle financially is because they have spent years in schools but have learned nothing about money; the result is that people learn to work for money … but they never learn to have money working for them.

Personal opinion:
This book presents the teachings of Robert Kiyosaki in his childhood, those things he learned from his father and the things he learned from the father of one of his best friends to who calls him the father of his rich man who had a very comfortable socio-economic position. It is a book that tends to break the paradigms immersed in most of the people in matters of finances.
The most interesting thing about the book is that it is presented in a very pleasant and enjoyable way to read, that is, it is a set of advice, comparisons and conclusions reached by the author since childhood.

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