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Who is behind Rosalía’s glass nails? They are the latest fever in California. The manicurist Sojin Oh is a prodigy of nails and of course Rosalía, could not have chosen better. But the singer’s crystal nails aren’t her only spectacular work. Everyone in LA wants @sojinails to do their manicures.

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If you also wondered when you saw the last video of Rosalía with Billie Eilish (You will forget it) what the hell she had on her nails, you are in the perfect place, because we are going to break down every last detail. She has been the one who has put the accent on the infarct acrylic manicures and despite the fact that a countercurrent that bets on short and minimalist nails continues in the race stomping, Rosalía always manages to talk about her sculptural nails again. Again.

You read well. Rosalía wears crystal nails. Since she moved to California, she changed manicurists and of course, a name like hers could not have matched another person: one of the eminent manicurists in Los Angeles, Sojin Oh.

Everybody talks about her. He wants a date with her. It is inspired by her. And it is that he has achieved that his creations have passed to the screens in the hands of, and here the one from tratrá comes into play, Rosalía, First it was in the video clip with The Weekend and now it has been in that of Billie Eilish. But it is not the only one.

The artist, from Seoul and based in Los Angeles, has put a style never seen before on the table. Real fiberglass-based sculptures inspired, as she has described on more than one occasion, by chaos, food, and ancient Korean calligraphy. His ethereal style has overturned the norms.

She creates spectacular abstract, floral designs, inspired by nature, mythology, organic forms … And when asked about the future of beauty, she is clear: the destruction of the standardized is next. And seeing their designs, we do not doubt it.

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