Station Eleven – HBO Max Fans

10 episodes. Survivors of a devastating pandemic are trying to rebuild their lives after losing everything they had.

Series premiere, 3 chapters. Look good, a series about pandemics that devastate humanity (how original, never seen before), let’s see what it is.

Professional reviews in FilmAffinity of the type “Oh, what a conceptual beauty about the ephemeral existence of the human being and the beauty of art.” Well, we started badly.

I start the series. I finish the second chapter out of sheer inertia and because the amazement at such horror prevents me from reacting earlier.

Go TOSTON. It starts regularly, that the starter is a representation of Hamlet no longer bodes well. The stellar appearance of the “composer” of music already completes the certainty that this cannot be caught anywhere.

In order not to hurt sensibilities, I will continue in the spoiler zone, although personally I would define it as Warning Necessary and not as Spoiler.

Just add that if this were real, I would certainly choose to die at the end of the world rather than live to see that future.

HBO Max has saved the best for last and says goodbye to the year with Station Eleven, a series that premieres on the platform this December 16 and has already crept into the pools of many American critics as one of the most prominent shows 2021. After two years of filming and post-production, this fiction about a pandemic –which was shot in the middle of a pandemic– arrives to prove that culture also serves to survive.

The novel. Published in 2014 by Emily St John Mandel, Estación Once (in Spain edited by Kailas) quickly acquired the status of a cult novel and several film and television production companies fought for their rights, with HBO emerging as the winner. It tells the story of a small classical theater company that offered its performances from town to town, even after a terrible pandemic had swept the world and decimated humanity. Because, despite what it might seem, this is not only a series about the end, but it speaks – above all – of a new beginning.

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