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Onychophagia is the technical term used to refer to the habit of biting nails, a fairly common nervous disorder that occurs in both adults and children. It usually starts at a very early age – between three and six years old – as a response to situations of stress, fatigue or even boredom, although there is a tendency for this vice to decrease later.

The problem is that in addition to wounds and other injuries to the fingers, it can cause significant occlusive problems in the teeth that can lead to the need for orthodontics. It also affects the aesthetics of the hands and lips.

How to stop bitting nails

As it is a habit, a reflex action that occurs to combat moments of anxiety, the best way to overcome it is with the help of a psychologist, creating behavior patterns that favor control.

In parallel, you can also go to a dentist so that he can make a special splint that prevents the upper and lower incisors from coming together and thus makes it impossible to cut the nail with the teeth. The treatment can last a month and a half before the patient manages to eradicate this habit and eight to recover the aesthetics of the fingers.

It is also possible to resort to a pharmacy product that is a colorless nail polish with a very bitter taste, so much so that it will cause rejection every time a person with onychophagia puts their finger in their mouth.

Other possible remedies are:

Wrap the tips of all the fingers with band-aids or tape so that it is between the nail and the teeth
Chewing gum (without sugar, of course).
Replace the reflex action with an occupation that requires concentration and helps you forget about your nails.
Do physical exercise to combat anxiety situations.

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