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Looking for study abroad guidance tips and advice from experienced individuals or students who have already gone through the process? Then joining a study abroad WhatsApp group can be a fantastic way to connect with like-minded people, share information, and stay updated about the latest news and trends. Here are some of the leading study abroad WhatsApp group links that can help you kickstart your journey to studying abroad:

study abroad whatsapp group link
  • Study Abroad Scholarships:

As the name suggests, this group is all about scholarships and funding opportunities for international students. You can get updates on the latest scholarships and grants available for studying abroad and advice on applying for them.

  • Study Abroad Admissions:

This group focuses on the admission process for studying abroad. Members can share their experiences and tips on how to write a great personal statement, prepare for interviews, and submit robust applications.

  • Study Abroad Tips and Tricks:

This is a general group for students who want to exchange tips and tricks for studying abroad. Members can discuss topics such as how to adapt to a new culture, find affordable housing, and make the most of their study abroad experience.

  • Study Abroad Alumni:

This group is for students who have already studied abroad and want to stay connected with other alums. Members can share their experiences and advise those planning to study overseas.

  • Study Abroad Language Exchange:

This group is for language learners who want to improve their language skills while studying abroad. Members can connect with native speakers and practice their language skills through voice and video calls.

Study abroad WhatsApp groups for students:

All these above and Below are free groups. It means you can not need to pay any money to join this group. We always update the latest and Outstanding Whatsapp Groups. Keep visiting our website daily for the Latest WhatsApp Groups.

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