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With its roots set in 400 BCE, the Sangam Tamil era was a rich amalgamation of culture and tradition at a critical period in ancient India. From this era stemmed the beautiful and geometric forms of the Tamil script, the central inspiration behind the exclusive Aayutha collection by Magari.

Aayutha – Low Dining Table

Kelir – Low Dining Chair

Aattam – Rocking Chair

Mannai – Centre Table

Thunai – Side Table

Paai – Charpai

Arivu – Study Table

Madhusala – Bar Unit

Technical Specifications


Low Dining Table

Explore the singular amalgamation of culture and tradition from the Sangam Tamil era in the masterfully designed Aayutha monolithic dining table. The low seating design originates from the traditional style of seating on the ground in a showcase of humility and togetherness. The polished stone finish contrasts with the rough-cut natural texture of granite to elevate the senses.


Low Dining Chair

Seat yourself in the deeply rooted traditional design of the Kelir low-seating chairs. This elegantly handcrafted chair pairs traditional materials with detailing in brass. The hidden wheels tucked away discreetly offer the ergonomic comfort and makes manoeuvring effortless. Choose between an intricately woven leather or cotton cord back.



Enrich your living room with the Kalai console, featuring a minimal design with clean lines and a geometric form. Choose from stone or ribbed wood veneer finishes on the drawer to match your home’s aesthetic. The intricately woven cane shelf accentuates the design while being reminiscent of traditional furniture styles.


Dining Table

The Suvai table has been designed for those who look for the traditional Sangam Tamil aesthetic but with an ergonomic high-seating dining experience. Choose between brass and monolithic stone stand options to make the table truly at home in your home.


Dining Chairs

The Kalvi high dining chair is the perfect companion for the Suvai table, an elevated take on the Aayutha dining set. Its elegant design is handcrafted from solid wood and inlaid with brass detailing to complete the look. Choose between an intricately woven leather cord or paper cord that is reminiscent of traditional furniture craftsmanship.


Armchair and Ottoman

Seat yourself in comfort with an Aaram armchair. The exquisite frame is handcrafted from solid wood and detailed in brass. The backrest is structured with a metal frame and formed with an intricately woven leather cord or paper cord for added comfort and style. Paired with the Aaram Ottoman, this comfortable armchair is versatile enough to blend in perfectly whether it be in your living room or study.


Rocking Chair

Rock yourself in comfort with the Aattam rocking chair. The armrests are inspired by cane walking sticks of yore, while the frame is handcrafted from solid wood and inlaid with brass. The amalgamation is a playful take on a design that is steeped in tradition.


Centre Table

Designed to be the focal point of your living room experience, the Mannai Centre table takes inspiration from the Aayutha dining table in craftsmanship. It features a monolithic granite design with contrasting stone finishes for a simple yet bold expression. The smoothened raw stone offers a distinct yet natural character to the table.


Side Tables

Explore the clean, artful look offered by the Thunai side tables, featuring a three-legged construction that pushes through the table surface to accentuate the design with brass inlays that also represents the triple-dotted Aayutha letter. This brass-work carries through the design with brass boundaries around the circular outer frame to give it a distinguishing character.



The Paai takes inspiration from its traditional furniture counterpart, offering versatility in seating, be it as a daybed, casual seating, or a handy bench. Make the most of those hot summer days and stretch out on the Paai with your favourite book for a relaxing read. The design features four wooden legs with brass accents held together with an intricately woven paper cord.


Study Table

Arivu, meaning ‘Knowledge’ or ‘Wisdom’, is the minimal yet aesthetically designed study table. It also features removable storage and wooden trays for organizing your workspace, while the footrest ensures your posture remains unaffected through long hours of work. The straight lines and fluidic form take inspiration from the fluidity and geometric aesthetic of the Tamil script.


Bar Unit

Enrich your home’s interiors with the perfectly circular form of the Madhusala bar unit. The minimal front and clean lines allow it to blend inconspicuously into its surroundings. The leather-cladded serving tray and illuminated upper closet ensures this unit is suited for the finest of wines and single malts you would want on display.

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