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Price Thermomix Dubai

The price for a Thermomix in Dubai is AED 5000 (1,361.25 United States Dollar)

Price Thermomix Malaysia

Thermomix 6 By Vorwerk RM 6,988.00 (1,569.63 United States Dollar)

Price Thermomix in New Zeland

$2,469 NZD The cost. (1,544.24 United States Dollar)

How much money do you make selling Thermomix

The ‘presenters’ are paid based on a commission table that rewards those who sell the most (rebate system).

  • For example, by placing ONE Thermomix per month they get 125 euros gross.
  • For selling five, 1,200.
  • For selling ten, 2,500.

The average in 2017, according to data provided by the company itself, is 2.9 robots sold per worker per month. This is equivalent to an average monthly gross salary that does not exceed 600 euros, half after deducting taxes, Social Security fees and minimum expenses such as telephone and transport.

The robots get into the kitchen

The confinement has been an opportunity for cooking fans to bring out their chef skills, although of course, for this many have had an instrument that makes everything easier for them

The kitchen evolves in conjunction with daily life, to the point that today, appliances can make a person who burns water cook a dish worthy of a five-star restaurant… or so they promise.

The German company Vorwerk, almost 140 years old, is the creator of the object of desire for amateur chefs around the world: a kitchen robot that has given seasoning to the pandemic.

Since its release on the market, the VKM5, the model that promises to help anyone become a five-star chef, there have been at least 10 new generations of the product that revolutionized the kitchen.

The latest model is the Thermomix TM6, a kitchen robot that can perform 20 different functions that range from vacuum cooking to fermenting, beating, blending, boiling or caramelizing foods that can be fish, meat, chicken and even yogurt.

It has more than 68 thousand recipes that are preloaded in its memory and are chosen through a touch screen.

The charm of the product is that the user only has to insert the ingredients of the dish, as indicated by the preparation, and Thermomix will do the rest, although, obviously, at the end of each recipe it has to be washed and dried properly.

In Mexico, its price is 28 thousand 900 pesos.

In-house chef

Vorwerk arrived in Mexico in 2006 and, since then, has revolutionized the way Mexicans cook, surprising with new recipes and adapting to their consumers, says the brand’s director of marketing for Mexico, Hugo Guzmán de León, who in an interview with the Mexican Editorial Organization, highlights that in 2020 they reached just over 25 thousand national homes.

Last year, the health crisis raised Thermomix sales in the country by 165 percent.

“It has been impressive the way we have grown. Thermomix is ​​for all public; we believe that with it we save time and money, while we can create dishes to exploit our inner chef. We live in dizzying times where time is a very scarce value”, highlights the manager.

The fame of the brand has risen like foam and has spread across all continents, managing to bring together not only the magic of technology, but also the flavor of different countries.

In Mexico, the public of Thermomix is ​​very varied and of all ages. According to Guzmán de León, its users are kitchen professionals, young people, newlyweds, families with small children, and divorced people.

“In recent months, it has been confirmed that Thermomix is ​​the best ally in the kitchen. Millions of people stayed at home and suddenly we had to experiment, divide the time, ”he says.

Additionally, the Mexican public has adapted the more than 68 thousand recipes that the robot has, through its international platform Cookidoo, to prepare dishes such as tinga or chiles en nogada.

To learn about the recipes, users can access the page, which in addition to main dishes, has an infinite number of desserts and other dishes that can be prepared with the brand’s star product. The site also offers the possibility for people to keep track of their daily meals and the ingredients they need to buy for cooking.

Thus, the platform generates a list to go to the supermarket and that nothing is needed to cook. However, the success of Thermomix is ​​also due to social networks. In them, according to the marketing director, gastronomic “influencers” have been created with simple recipes on how to prepare bread at home.

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