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As you know, colors are capable of transmitting many sensations to us and there are people whose way of being identifies them with one or another tonality. What do you think will be yours? What color do you think is associated with the most passionate souls? And with the freest? To find out, do not stop taking the test that we propose below!

Color defines our personality and our tastes. They are everywhere from our clothes, traffic signs, cones if we find a work in our path or even the card games where the sticks are colored. Most of us have no problem distinguishing colors in our daily lives, but some people are not able to make this differentiation. Even as children we make differentiation of colors with some fictional character, not to mention all those that are for children are represented with colors depending on their personality. The character and the color are united. When you read what each of the colors means, you will understand.

We do not all see colors in the same way as there are many people who suffer from problems with color blindness, protanopia or deuteranopia. Color blind people have a different vision of colors, while people who suffer from protanopia or also known as red dichromacia have a lack of sensitivity to reds. Finally, those people who suffer from deuteranopia have a constant alteration in the way they visually perceive colors. The cones of the retina that are responsible for the reception of light with a wavelength corresponding to green tones are absent. People who suffer from this problem do not distinguish between reds and greens. To give you an idea in areas where a lot of green predominates, they would perceive this landscape as almost sepia tones.

These changes in vision are due to small alterations in a chromosome that cause differences in tones in a normal way. While most people see colors without any modification, these people do not. For this reason, if this happens to you, we recommend that if you have any doubts or questions about these types of anomalies, take tests as there are tests that help you to verify if you suffer from any type of these pathologies in your day-to-day life.

However, whatever color you see has a meaning for you and we have all the information you need. Therefore, before telling you what each of the colors in your life represents, you should take this test.

What is the meaning of the colors?

The meaning of colors comes from how they affect our mood. We can see what they mean to us depending on our reaction to a color. The color that we paint our house, our rooms or the number of garments that you can of a tone in our closet. Colors are also used strategically in advertising campaigns in order to attract one audience or another.

  • Red: he is an independent and autonomous person. You have a strong sense of bravery and you are very passionate. Women usually choose this color for lipstick, it gives us strength and we feel powerful and very sexy.
  • Orange: if it is one of your favorite colors, it is orange, it means that you have a brutal energy. Your sense of humor and your emotions are always on the surface, and that is noticed by those who know you.
  • Yellow – You are zero superstitious and very energetic. You like to have everything under control, especially in professional aspects.
  • Green: you prefer to be calm and find your space. Although you like to be with more people, you prefer your moments of intimacy. Greens are colors that enhance balance and make us feel comfortable. Many cafes and restaurants choose these shades so that we can feel more comfortable and spend a lot of time in these places. Check it out from now on!
  • Light blue: the most communicative people opt for these shades. They are people who love to talk constantly. These colors are also used in children as it helps them to be calmer than the more intense colors.
  • Dark blue: it is an intense color that reminds us of the sea and also of freedom. People who go for these colors are usually quite deep and self-confident. Also, they are great observers.
  • Violet: creativity appears in people who are addicted to this color. They love to create and see new opportunities clearly.

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