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Located in the heart of the La Plana Baixa region, just 8 kilometers from the provincial capital Castellón de la Plana, the municipality of Villarreal, or Vila-Real in the native language, was traditionally characterized by the richness of its orchards, which since the second half of the century XIX in the cultivation of orange until, around the fifties of the twentieth century, two icy paths caused the diversification of the economy by investing in the manufacture of ceramic tiles, the main engine today.

A bicycle-loving society and famous for its velodrome and the races that were held there, the emergence of football, unlike in the neighboring Castellón de la Plana and Burriana, was made to wait longer than expected because it was not until the beginning of the decade in the twenties when the first association to practice it emerged, the Villarreal Sports Club, all thanks to the work and grace of a willing José Calduch Almela, pharmacist and extraordinary sports fan who, during his university studies in Barcelona, ​​had fallen in love with the evolutions of the R.C.D. Spanish and F.C. Barcelona.

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Back in his home town, football was already popular in the province and throughout the country, with which Calduch, determined as he was to form a football club, surrounded by friends provided with his same enthusiasm, did not stop for a moment until , thanks to the family finances, he acquired for five hundred pesetas ten hanegadas of carob trees from the family of Benjamín Beltrán to build a Sports Field. With the stones removed and the surface leveled, the C.D. Villarreal was constituted on March 10, 1923, counting as of May 24 with José Calduch himself in the presidency while he was accompanied on the board by José Martínez, secretary, and Carlos Calatayud as treasurer. Uniformed in white shirts and black pants, but little trained in handling the ball, for the opening of the Sports Field – an area for which they agreed to pay 720 pesetas a year for rent, although it was never practiced while in the hands of Calduch – it was thought to bring together the two best teams in the capital, C.D. Castellón and C.D. Cervantes, who emotionally inaugurated the grounds on June 17 with a 4-1 victory for the orelluts, who at that time wore white shirts.

More united and predisposed, the premiere of the premises took place on October 21 against the also Castellón society Red Star F.C., continuing its sporting path in 1924 with a new milestone: its registration in the then called Levantine Federation of Foot Clubs -ball. Discharged in April, on Sunday the 20th the federative president, Alfredo Milego and Mr. Valero, on behalf of the College of Referees, made an appearance at the Sports Field, certifying the validity of the field of play, one of the best of the region at that time. Federated as they were, to improve their performance, the services of Vicent Agost were contracted that same year, a player-coach who was a perfectionist as he was, managed to obtain the best performance from the squad by teaching everything he knew.

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