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The Washington Football team is a professional football team that plays in the NFL, specifically in the East Division. Popularly known as the Washington Redskins, they are based in Washington and it was founded in 1932 under George Preston Marshall, who was the founder until 1969. The team was originally named after the Boston Braves baseball team with whom they shared Braves Field.

The Redskins would move to Washington in 1937, winning their first title that year against the Chicago Bears, creating a rivalry. They would meet again in the 1940 final game where the Redskins would lose 73-0, making it the worst loss in the history of the NFL.

During the Joe Gibbs era from 1981 to 1992, winning three Super Bowls in 1983, 1988 and 1991. During that first championship, the most recognized moment was when the stadium literally shook after beating the Minnesota Vikings in the playoffs as the crowd We want Dallas!!. The season after, Joe Theismann broke his leg during a sack by Lawrence Taylor, which forced him to retire after 12 years in the league. in the second title, the season began with a 24 day players strike. They also protagonized the biggest comeback in NFL Super Bowl history against the Denver Broncos after losing 10-0.

During that third championship, they started with an 11 game victory streak, breaking the team record. This team was one of the most dominant of all time, allowing a league-low and franchise-record nine sacks and they scored the most points out of any team during that season; 485. The defense was also incredibly dominant, giving up only 224 total points which was second-best of any team in the NFL in 1991. They only lost two games that season and finally they won the championship 37-24 against the Buffalo Bills.

After this season, nothing notable happened to the team, mostly due to the fact that Tom Brady would come to the league in the 2000 draft and Aaron Rodgers 5 years later and they combined for 8 rings of the 15 years they played together. There was a lot of controversy last year due to the SJW and left wing people who found offense in the name and uniform of the team therefore they had to remove their merchandising and have announced the retirement of the name and are currently playing as the Washington Football team until 2022 when they will reveal the new name.

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