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A traditional snack in India, water lily seeds are the pea-sized kernels that are collected when water lilies shed their seeds once a year. When popped like popcorn, they just happen to be a satisfying, nutrient-rich, crunchy snack.


Water lily seeds can be popped and eaten as a delicious snack. Used for generations on the Indian mainland under the name Makhana, they are increasingly popular in the international market as an alternative to popcorn and potato chips.

Water lily seeds as a snack? If you have never thought about it, nothing happens, it is not very common for the seeds of this aquatic plant to be consumed outside the Indian continent. However, when exposed to heat and pressure, water lily seeds tend to “pop” like corn kernels, producing the most popular edible “bomblets” in India called by Makhana. These seeds are already arousing interest around the world.

Lily seeds An alternative snack

Tired of the usual French fries or the typical popcorn? In the West you may not have many other alternatives. Most of the snacks that are consumed in western countries are based on potato, corn or wheat. The most intrepid dare with pumpkin seeds and there are those who are particularly fond of peanuts, almonds or walnuts. However, if you are looking for something new and light, in countries like India they have been consuming water lily seeds for hundreds of years, and it is one of the favorite snacks for the population.

Lily seeds snack

The flavor is reminiscent of popcorn, although with much more body and with hints of barley and white pepper. Even the consistency is similar to popcorn, yet water lily seeds contain up to 67% less fat and 20% fewer calories, as well as guaranteeing up to 3 grams of protein per 100 product calories.

Easy to prepare

Once collected from the plant, the seeds are simply heated in the oven or roasted until the heat allows the seed to “explode” and can be eaten. In India, seeds can generally be bought on the market already ‘exploited’. They are then roasted with salted ghee (the typical clarified butter from India) and, in some cases, seasoned with local spices. The seeds can also be consumed in different ways, they are crushed into a fine flour used to make baked goods, bread and cakes, but also as a vegetable component of curry.

Indian lily seeds

However, the most attractive part is its ability to provide us with an alternative to the snacks of a lifetime. Recently, some companies have started marketing the product outside of India. Anyway, it may take some time before we can find water lily seeds alongside popcorn and potato chips on our supermarket shelves.

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