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Web Development Agency vs Freelance

If you need to create a new website for your business, or redesign the current one to give it a more up-to-date look, it’s time to decide who is going to be your provider.

If you are not going to develop the website yourself, the decision is limited to two options. Hiring a web development agency, or hiring a freelance programmer. If both options offer you the same thing: the creation of a website, what are the reasons why you should opt for one option or the other?

In this article we want to help you decide between Web Development Agency vs Freelance, delving into the most important aspects that characterize each one and their main differences. Let us begin!

Web development agency

A web development agency is an organization made up of a team of web development experts. Each one of the web development experts specializes in different CMS, which are usually the most important and recommended for the development and design of websites: WordPress, Drupal, Symfony, etc.

There are some web development agencies dedicated exclusively to web design and web development, but the most common agencies are digital agencies, which offer (in addition to web development) other services such as Digital Marketing, and have teams of experts specialized in their fields. different departments: web developers, web usability experts, SEO, SEM, CRO, WPO, lead capture, social media experts, content writing, etc.

In addition to specializing in web design and development, web development agencies are dedicated to Inbound Marketing and have specialized teams in all the strategies of the Inbound methodology.

A web development agency is responsible for being 100% updated on possible changes and trends in web design and development. Its function is aimed at creating optimized websites, prepared to obtain visibility, achieve good web positioning and offer an optimized browsing experience to users.

Web Development: Freelance

A Freelance is an independent web development expert who works autonomously. The Freelance must have extensive knowledge in web design and web development that allows him to offer consulting services to his target audience and potential clients.

A web development freelancer can have her own office, or provide web development services in the form of telecommuting from her home. On many occasions, freelancers offer companies the possibility of being a worker on their staff temporarily and being part of their team until the project is completed.

The methods that the web development freelance uses to create your website are (just like web development agencies) in order to create an optimized website that converts the largest number of visits into customers.

Freelance web development

It is necessary for the freelancer to have the technical programming knowledge necessary for web design and development, so that he can carry out those actions in the structure of a website that can optimize it.

Differences between web development agency and freelance
Below we present the main differences between web development experts, web development agencies vs freelance.

Work teams: The work team of the web development agency is made up of more people, which makes the web development process more complete.

Multidisciplinary team: Web development agencies have a multidisciplinary team expert in multiple disciplines within the development and optimization of websites. Experts in SEO, usability, content writing, etc. This allows the web development agency to implement an inbound methodology on their clients’ websites much more effectively.

The price: The price is usually a difference that is taken into account when choosing between both options. In most cases, web development agencies offer premium prices.

Depending on the size and income of the company that needs to create a website, they opt for hiring the web development services of a freelancer. A freelancer who teleworks does not have to pay office rent or a salary for her workers. This allows you to offer more competitive prices to your customers for your services.

The workflows they can take on: A web development agency can take on larger workflows. For this reason, web development agencies can work for larger companies and take on large projects that a single person, which would be the case of a freelancer, cannot take on. The freelancer develops the

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