WhatsApp group for Univeristies in Portugal

If you want to join WhatsApp groups for Universities in Portugal, join these groups to solve common questions about your enrollment, transportation, cool places to hangout. As well as meeting new people from your University.

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These are the top universities from Portugal.

Catholic University of Portugal.

Universidade Nova de Lisboa.

University of Porto.

University of Lisbon.

University Institute of Lisbon.

Universidade de Aveiro.

University of Beira Interior.

University of Coimbra.

University of Algarve.

University of Minho.

Here are some facts and stats about the universities in Portugal

Portugal is home to 134 universities. From them, 14 are public, 36 private, 20 public polytechnics and 64 private polytechnics. The Catholic University of Portugal is the best university in the country, it is privately funded but is a free, autonomous university.

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