WhatsApp group for Universities in Colorado

If you want to join WhatsApp groups for Universities in Colorado, join these groups to solve common questions about your enrollment, transportation, cool places to hangout. As well as meeting new people from your University.

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These are the top universities from Colorado.

University of Colorado Boulder.

Colorado State University.

University of Denver.

United States Air Force Academy.

University of Colorado Denver.

Colorado School of Mines.

University of Colorado Colorado Springs.

Colorado College.

University of Northern Colorado.

Metropolitan State University of Denver.

Here are some facts and stats about the universities in Colorado

Colorado is home to 87 colleges and universities. 29 of them public, while 18 are non-profit private school and other 40 are for-profit private schools. In total there are around 350,000 students enrolled in the state and 36,000 of them are in the University of Colorado Boulder, making both the best and the biggest school in the state. Lastly, the average cost of tuition is $7,107 for in-state and $17,103 for out-of-state.

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