WhatsApp Group to alleviate loneliness

Voluntary associations to alleviate loneliness

Being able to count on the company and support of volunteers or carry out volunteer activities (in areas that can be very diverse), helps prevent or get out of lonely situations for older people with WhatsApp Groups.

Accompaniment on WhatsApp for elderly dependents, alone, with social vulnerability, victims of abuse.

Accompaniment in hospitals to admitted patients and support to their families. Guide and accompaniment in external consultations. Accompaniment in the Emergency Area. Accompaniment of outpatients with disabilities. Accompaniment in reception.

Volunteering in residences for the elderly, Accompaniment and active listening of residents. Facilitate socialization with each other. Collaborate in recreational activities and workshops.

Accompany on WhatsApp older people who are in a situation of loneliness

In addition, it is carrying out the “Great Neighbours” project to help tackle the unwanted loneliness of the elderly. It is based on fostering neighbourhood support networks among people over 70 years of age who feel motivated to meet other people, usually younger people who live near them to be able to share simple leisure activities and be able to receive punctual support from them in certain situations .

Volunteers for our elders

They develop volunteer projects of general interest. There are permanent projects that are carried out throughout the year, with the participation of numerous volunteers, and others that are carried out in a timely manner, generally once a year, and allow the participation of people who usually lack availability to carry out permanent solidarity actions . Among the first we can cite some aimed more specifically at older people:

Volunteering in Municipal Centers for the Elderly: Volunteers develop and organize different workshops and activities that take place in the Municipal Centers for the Elderly.

Organization that works to improve the quality of life of older people in their aging process. The following activities inside and outside the home can be highlighted:

Accompaniments for support in carrying out procedures related to the promotion of social relationships and the reduction of isolation.

Accompaniment in carrying out procedures and / or procedures so that you can continue doing the activities of your daily life (support in the processing of public or private procedures)

Accompaniment to health resources that favor the follow-up of the medical guideline.
Accompaniment to spaces or social resources where you can continue doing the activities of your daily life (attending training activities, participation activities, Social centers …).

Join these WhatsApp Groups if you are 70 years old

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English https://chat.whatsapp.com/GopAUQ0eFeP6insZQ8vESZ

Join these WhatsApp Groups if you are 80 years old

Greek https://chat.whatsapp.com/JB4KFE2kp9vBK8xkpgCuVg

English https://chat.whatsapp.com/CvAczZ3RYP8HAOz0TLmlYK

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