WhatsApp Group to Learn Spanish – Join Now.

Belonging to a WhatsApp Group to Speak Spanish, you can practice the language in several ways: chat Spanish, share notes, resolve doubts, meet up to make faces and find out about all the activities related to languages.

In this group we only speak Spanish. Everything else will be removed and reported.


Rules to keep in mind before entering or if you want to stay in the WhatsApp group:

  • No one can include anyone in this group. Each member must include himself through the link that appears on this page.

The purpose and use of this group is:

  • Practice the language with the other participants.
  • Find out about all the activities related to languages.
  • The holder of the telephone number CONSENTS that their data will be transferred to third parties. Keep in mind that in WhatsApp groups any member can see the phone number of the other members.
  • If you do not agree with any previous point, please do not join the group or leave it if you are already in it.

How to access the WhatsApp Group to Speak Spanish

  • Fill in your Personal Data.
  • Accept our Privacy Policy.
  • Hit the Send button and wait for the access link to appear.
  • Click on the link from a device with the WhatsApp application installed.
  • At that time you will be redirected to said WhatsApp group and you will only have to accept your membership in the group.

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