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Romania is the third largest country with WhatsApp in Europe per usage.

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Romania is a country with almost 20 million users.

In addition to the large number of tourist sites that you can find in beautiful Romania, you can also discover different legends, curiosities, inventions and interesting facts that are part of its history and culture.

Among the many data that you can obtain from Romania, there will be some that will be necessary to have careful information about the place you will visit, other data that is interesting for those who are passionate about the legends or culture of some place and others simply allow you to fully enjoy each Romanian corner.

Taking into account how interesting it is to know different curiosities of the place, we have created this article so that you can enjoy this information of intellectual importance and that will add fantasy and enjoyment to your vacations.

Curiosities of Romania

Next, you will find different Curiosities that Romania has, being this one of the countries belonging to the old European continent which enjoys the best known legends and interesting facts:

The second largest underground glacier in the world

In Romania you can find the second underground glacier considered one of the largest in the world, namely that of Scarisoara.

Scarisoara Glacier Cave

It is located inside a cave in Transylvania called Scarisoara and over the years it has been considered one of the most attractive tourist sites in the entire country.

Coins used in Romania

In ancient times, all the coins used in Romania had the name of a lion (lei in Romanian) and this animal was always important in the country’s economy, which is why Romanian coins are finally known as leu.

The capital of Romania is Bucharest

The capital of Romania is Bucharest, which means Happiness and as its meaning this city has charm and is a great tourist center so much so that it is called “Paris of the East”.

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