WhatsApp News – Grupo de WhatsApp en Español

This is a Spanish Group where you can get all the WhatsApp News in Spanish. If you speak Spanish you can join this group and receive weekly tips to improve your usage of WhatsApp for Marketing and Sales.

The Group is called “WhatsApp News“. This is a premium WhatsApp Group.

If you want to join, request access here. Thank you.

Please we want to avoid SPAMMERS. We want to create great WhatsApp Groups. Please join only if you really want to particpate.

The business admin is called Seve Luna and he created weekly messages for business owners to improve their WhatsApp business.

Among other WhatsApp topics he have shared

Save WhatsApp statuses
Sell ​​Scandinavian knots in Brazil on WhatsApp
Pin chats on WhatsApp
Tenosynovitis and love letters
Gamify on WhatsApp
Increase WhatsApp fonts
Text formats in WhatsApp
Manage hotels by WhatsApp
Facebook did NOT hire the founders of WhatsApp
Custom links on WhatsApp
Organize your agent from WhatsApp
Sell ​​transport that works with alternative energy by WhatsApp
To do list on WhatsApp
Winners and losers
WhatsApp statuses
Application to hide the double blue check in WhatsApp
Sell ​​wedding bands on WhatsApp
Hide the double blue check in WhatsApp
Why is WhatsApp free?
Groups managed in WhatsApp

This is a great group to join if you want to master sales with WhatsApp.

If you want to contact Seve Directly you can use his Website.

About Seve Luna

I help professionals and companies to generate business through WhatsApp Marketing strategies 📲 Transforming leads into customers using the oldest channel that exists, the conversation 💭

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