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WhatsApp web is the best tool for your day to day operations. In this group we want to share tips, tools and other hacks to improve your productivity with WhatsApp web.

Taking advantage of the release on iOS, we bring you the best tips for WhatsApp Business that will help you be MORE productive when using it.

WhatsApp is one of the 3 most used social networks in Mexico, it is also an instant way to communicate through a phone number. It also allows you to be informed without seeing ads directly and allows you to sell, contact, prospect customers, etc.

According to a study by Hootsuite, WhatsApp in Mexico is one of the three most used social networks for messaging with a surprising 87% participation within the broad ecosystem of social networks.

What businesses are recommended for WhatsApp Business?
The quick answer is: Everyone, yes, EVERYONE since 66% of people have contacted a business through messages and 65% of SMEs that use WhatsApp consider that they have helped them grow their business.

WhatsApp is a social network that needs to be optimized using Social Media Optimization techniques, since there are no positioning techniques because there is no search engine like Google.

How can I be efficient when using it?

Do not share information that does not help you reach your sales goal, that is, try to stay with one theme in order to obtain a better result.
Do not use unauthorized platforms to manage the tool, WhatsApp could remove your account for managing it with unauthorized applications.
Having a service attitude, always helping, one of the pillars of Social Selling.
Response level in less than 10 min. IF LESS THAN 10 MINUTES. The ideal is to respond instantly
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General recommendations for WhatsApp Business

Profile photo, for personal branding it is necessary to place a studio photo where you show your professionalism, for brands it is necessary to place the logo.
Short information: Clear and forceful company information in a few words (value promise in branding)
Complete description: Services with emojis (2 words + emoticon) example: “Genero Ads 💎 “
Welcome message: (first time message or 14 days without activity):
Presentation and question to generate conversation in personal branding (Hi, I’m Pablo, this week I will have an SEO course and I have a special discount for you. Are you interested? Business: Welcome to (name of company) How can we help you? (Tip quotation marks to make bold)

Offline Strategies for WhatsApp Business

Always place your WhatsApp logo in advertising plus your number on flyers or flayers so that people can add you and ask questions.
On business cards: whenever you go to a meeting it is a good idea to put the number so they know who they can be in contact with at any time.
In QR code: in an event you can place the QR code to be able to increase your valuable contacts in a short time
Information groups on other social networks (Facebook for example)
sales groups
Authentication groups: There are groups that will verify your identity to be able to enter, these groups are the most effective because they have a monitoring strategy behind them with clear and concise rules.
Customer segmentation in WhatsApp Business
How to use the Labels? Labels should be placed according to your sales funnel.

Let’s put an example with the funnel 4.0.

Objective: sale of leather shoes for women:

Raise awareness (you don’t know anything about the product or about us) Share information about the brand. We are a 100% Mexican company with handmade Mexican products.
Influence (We have the UNOPK model used by Jennifer Lopez)
Question (Did you know that your shoes should be changed every 6 months)
Act (we have 2 models with a 10% discount)
Recommend (recommend us to your friends)
Other tags:

read unread
Without activity
Not interested
New feature: Direct Link, you can place this link in your social profile:

Quick responses for Whatsapp Business
They are programmable to be able to place a marketing text with only a slash and a keyword such as:

/thanks = Thank you very much for your purchase! We look forward to speaking with you again

/hello = Hello! Welcome to Collab Digital, we are a digital consultant. How can we help you?

Absence Messages and Welcome Messages:

They can be programmed by


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