WordPress WhatsApp Group – Beginner level

WordPress is one of the best CMS to create your website. You can create your website for free using this open source platform. If you are a beginner, please join this group.

We will share with you the basic steps you need to take to get your site up and running. We will show you the best templates, plugins and how to create your beautiful WordPress site for free using WordPress.com

Join this Premium WordPress WhatsApp Group if:

  • You want to learn how to setup a WordPress website for free
  • You do not have experience in creating websites – We will help you every step of the process
  • You have a small business or you are a freelance and you need a website
  • You need help with the setup

Please do not join this Group if:

  • You want to SPAM users (we do not want your spam)
  • You want to promote some useless crypto activity
  • You are a developer
  • You want to share porn (we do not want your porn)

To avoid Spam, this is a premium group. You need to request access and then we will let you access the group. We want real business owners or freelances who want a free website setup in WordPress. We want to help businesses and we want to avoid Spam at all cost.

So, if you really want to have a WordPress Website, join this group. Request access here.


Once you are accepted, we will work with you to get your website up and running. Our goal is to help businesses everywhere to have a good online presence and be able to sell online.

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