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How to work from home? All you need to know

Being able to work from home is a dream for millions of people. Whether employed or self-employed, the freedom to choose your schedules and reconcile your professional life with your family or personal life is priceless.

I have been working from home for several years, first as an employee and then as an entrepreneur, and I recognize that there has never been a better time to do it than now.

In this article I will give you the keys so that you too can get a salary from the comfort of your home, starting with a list of the best jobs from home for their employability and economic potential and ending with the main websites where you can find remote job offers.

Types of work from home

Before we start, let’s clarify what types of work from home exist: those in which you are employed by someone else, or on your own.

A. Employed

The reality is that very few companies in Spanish-speaking countries offer telecommuting. According to data from Adecco, only 1.3% of employed persons in Spain work occasionally from home.

The few jobs that allow it are usually related to customer service or sales, such as telemarketer or commercial agent. Writing and content auditing jobs are also possible, although they are very rare and usually part-time.

In the United States, where 35% of employees enjoy telecommuting, there are rankings of the best companies with remote jobs. In many other countries there are still no such reports, but it is a good idea to look at the North American ranking to check which companies are also present in your country.

Surely the work philosophy is similar, and thus you make sure that you are sending your resume to a company that will give you facilities.

Advantages of working for someone else from home

You have a stable payroll, which gives you some security.
You enjoy paid vacations.
You have unemployment benefit: you will collect unemployment if you are unfairly fired or your contract runs out.
The Social Security contribution is usually higher than that of the self-employed.
Disadvantages of working for someone else from home

Fixed hours: even if you work from home, the normal thing is that you have to stick to a schedule in which you must be 100% available.
Greater difficulty to grow professionally: the fact of not being “visible” will play against you when there are promotions or salary increases.

B. By own account

The most common is still that those people who work from home do so as freelancers (freelancers).

New technologies have created emerging business models, and freelancers are often the first to jump on these new opportunities. Many companies also benefit from outsourcing these new functions to avoid having to incur the costs of hiring or renting spaces.

In addition, the process to become self-employed in Spain has been simplified and cheaper, making it the first option for many professionals who want to work remotely.

Advantages of working on your own from home

Freedom of schedules and geography.
Conciliation: you can take care of the children, a dependent family member or take the day off when you need it.
You tend to feel more fulfilled than with an employed job.
Greater chances of generating more income.
Disadvantages of working on your own from home

Economic insecurity: your salary will depend on your clients.

Less social benefits: waivers of unemployment benefit, sick leave and contributions.
Greater sense of loneliness: working at home and not having contact with other colleagues can be hard.

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